Melahat Aydin (Season 03 - Episode 07)
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Galloping for Girls’ Education in the Eastern Province of Mus

The latest episode of “Turkey’s Changemakers” features Melahat Aydin, who initiated the “Another Chance” project with the goal of supporting girls’ schooling.

As the only woman principal to work at a girls’ regional elementary boarding school in the country, Melahat Aydin took on a mission to help girls return to school in the district of Mus. She was not intimidated by numerous difficulties arising from her being a female teacher and the city’s rough conditions. It is under these conditions that she implemented the “Another Chance” project with the support of the National Education Project Office of Mus. The project received funding from the European Union’s Human Resources Development Operational Program, under the ‘Increasing School Enrolment Rates Especially For Girls’ grant scheme.

As part of the project, a team of 15 teachers including Melahat Aydin, visited numerous households across the Mus district to convince parents to send their daughters back to school. They did not hesitate to ride horses to visit some remote settlements that cannot be reached by car. While their initial goal was to help 100 girls, they managed to send 150 girls back to their schools. Melahat Aydin also offered educational seminars on women’s rights and urban life.

Melahat Aydin also played an active role in the comprehensive renovation of the girls’ regional elementary boarding school she works at. Overcoming all difficulties through courage and perseverance, Melahat Aydin encouraged her colleagues and became a role model for her students.

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