International Ankara Music Festival
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International Ankara Music Festival International Ankara Music Festival International Ankara Music Festival International Ankara Music Festival

Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation, envisioning “a festival befitting the Capital”, organizes the International Ankara Music Festival each year.


Sabanci Foundation has started to support International Ankara Music Festival as a honorary member since 2008.


The Festival, organized by Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation, brings unique traditions together. The most grounded tradition is the holding of opening and closing concerts of the festival by a symphonic orchestra. Another “must” of the Festival is its hosting of young talents in the festival program and the organization of joint performances that enable the meeting of Turkish artists with foreign artists and groups.


Another well-known tradition of the Festival aims at reflecting the musical capacity of culture capital Ankara, where the first polyphonic musical movement of Turkey has been initiated and where the first musical institutions and schools have been founded, by enabling the participation of the artists of our city in the festival program every year Another indispensable characteristic of the festival covers the vocalization of the musical works of Turkish composers.


The trends and inclination of the audience also plays an important role in the preparation of the festival program. Through surveys made each year, the inclinations of the citizens of Ankara, as well as the changes and vitality in their social life, are analyzed and are reflected in the festival program with various categories including chamber music, jazz, nostalgia, vocal, modern dance and Flamenco.

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