Omer Faruk Arinc (Season 04 - Episode 12)
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Disadvantaged Kids Are At Playhouse


This week’s Changemaker of the Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program is Omer Faruk Arinc who founded the Playhouse in order to let the disadvantaged children from Igdır, an eastern province of Turkey, have access to toys and bring them together in such a safe playing environment.


The aim of the project is to bring ethnically and politically different parents together for a common purpose and to prevent local kids from committing crimes and terrorism by providing them equal opportunities. The Playhouse founded by the Chief Police of Igdır Police Headquarters Juvenile Branch Office, Omer Faruk Arinc is supported by Social Support Program (SODES). Opened in May 15th, 2012 with the motto “Let’s give toys to our kids, not guns”, the Playhouse has been visited by nearly 5 thousand kids so far.


Everyday students from each target school are brought to the Playhouse to spend some time. There are 1158 toys with 308 different varieties in the Playhouse that welcomes children between 3-12 age group. There is also a special game room for the children who are between 3-6 years of age. All games and toys are bought under the guidance of academics from Ege University and meticulously cleaned with organic cleaners every day. Children can also borrow these toys if they want and play with them at home for a week.

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