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"To share what we have gained from this land with its people..."

Reflecting the life philosophy of the late Haci Omer Sabanci, the Sabanci Brothers built their future around the principle "to share what we have gained from this land with its people." and set up the Haci Omer Sabanci Foundation-Sabanci Foundation in 1974.


Ihsan Sabanci

Sakip Sabanci

Haci Sabanci

Sevket Sabanci

Erol Sabanci

Ozdemir Sabanci


The Sabanci family has contributed greatly to furthering Turkish economy with numerous industrial conglomerates and investments since the establishment of the Sabanci Holding and Sabanci Group companies in 1967. Having placed much importance on the value of social and cultural institutions, the Sabanci family members are prominent figures in various charitable initiatives. In an attempt to institutionalize their philanthropic activities, the Haci Omer Sabanci Foundation (Sabanci Foundation) was established in 1974 by the sons of the late Haci Omer and Sadika Sabanci with a generous contribution of  Sadika Sabanci’s estate.  


Sabanci Foundation programs and investments are guided by its main mission; "To promote social development and social awareness among current and future generations by supporting initiatives that create impact and lasting change in people's lives". Ongoing donations by other family members, and contributions from the Sabanci Group companies have helped to increase the scope of Sabanci Foundation’s efforts across Turkey. Today, Sabanci Foundation is one of the largest family foundations in Turkey.



Since its establishment, Sabanci Foundation has built more than 120 institutions in 78 residential areas among Turkey.

  • Sabanci University (www.sabanciuniv.edu)
  • 37 Educational Institutions
  • 19 Dormitories
  • 16 Teachers Centers
  • 5 Health Care Centers and Hospitals
  • 4 Libraries
  • 5 Sports Facilities
  • 16 Cultural Centers
  • 8 Social Facilities
  • 9 Contributions to Other Institutions




More than 44,000 scholarships have been provided by Sabanci Foundation since 1974. Four different types of scholarships are given to 400 new students and a total of nearly 1500 students each year:

  • University Admission
  • Underdeveloped Provinces
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Sabanci Foundation-Vista Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded so that successful students with financial difficulties can pursue a university education. Scholarships are not bound to any compulsory service or repayment obligation.




Since its establishment, Sabanci Foundation has given over 1100 awards. There are three types of awards:

  • Educational Awards
  • Art Awards
  • Sports Awards


Arts and Culture

Sabanci Foundation supports various festivals and contests to promote culture and art in Turkey.

  • Turkish Folk Dances Contest
  • International Sabanci Adana Theatre Festival
  • National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra 
  • Mehtap Ar Children Theatrical Company
  • Ankara International Music Festival
  • Support for the excavation of the ancient city of Metropolis



Sabanci Foundation aims to enable social inclusion by promoting an equitable environment in which women, youth and persons with disabilities have access and equal opportunities to actively participate in society. We do so through grantmaking, joint partnership programs, seminars and other program activities.

  • Social Development Grant Program
  • “Turkey's Changemakers” TV Program
  • United Nations Joint Program to Promote and Protect the Human Rights of Women and Girls: Partnership and Grant Program
  • Grant Program for Multidimensional Women's Empowerment
  • Sabanci Foundation Seminars
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