Ozdemir Sabanci
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The sixth and youngest son of Mr. Haci Omer and Mrs. Sadika Sabanci, Mr. Ozdemir Sabanci was born on 5 April 1941.


Mr. Ozdemir Sabanci completed his high school education in Tarsus American College and earned his BSc in Chemical Engineering from Manchester, England.
In Switzerland, he earned another specialized degree in the same field.


Mr. Sabanci established and developed SASA Synthetic Fibres Inc. which is one of the largest industrial companies of the Sabanci Group. Thanks to his outstanding projects in petrochemistry, his field of interest, he turned SASA into a giant in chemical industry.


With Mr. Sabanci’s visional and special interest in automotives, Temsa started to produce “Mitsubishi Maraton” buses, minibuses and utility vehicles. With a keen eye and skills in visionary projects, Mr. Ozdemir Sabanci established a 50-50% partnership with Japanese firms in Toyotasa and Yazakisa plants. Toyota automotive plant, a fruit of unyielding efforts on his part, was a corner stone for Turkish automotive sector in its transition to modern technology and move to global markets.


Mr. Ozdemir Sabanci was the President of Sabanci Holding’s Synthetic Fibers, Automotive and Plastics Group, including Sasa, Temsa, Toyotasa, Pilsa, Yazakisa, Sapeksa and Akkardansa.


He was married to Ms Sevda Girisken in 1970 and had two children: Demir and Serra.


Mr. Ozdemir Sabanci passed away on January 9, 1996.

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