Association for Cappadocia Women’s Solidarity: Producing and Marketing Handicrafts
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Project Summary

Grantee: Association for Cappadocia Women’s Solidarity

Province: Nevsehir

Grant Amount: 12.476 TL  

Partner(s): Ankara Modern Women and Youth Foundation, Turkish Women’s Society Nevsehir Branch, Nevsehir Metropolitan Municipality Provincial Directorate of National Education Public Training Centre, Town Mukthar’s (village headman) Office

Duration: 1 November 2007 – 30 April 2008


Target Audience

Home-based working women

Project Goal

To create solutions for the problems that home based female workers face with respect to selling their products; support them with organization and marketing skills to ensure that they are more actively involved in economic life; to promote an employment development office in the province and create an infrastructure necessary to promote micro-credit means.

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