Purple Certificate Program
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Sabanci University will implement the Purple Certificate Program in 11 pilot provinces as part of the United Nations Joint Program on Promoting the Human Rights of Women (“UNJP” or “Program”).


The ultimate aim of Purple Certificate Program is to create a culture of gender awareness among high school teachers and students while the specific aim of the Program is to fight against gender inequality that exists at high school education in particular and at the societal level in general. Building on the four years of experience gained during the United Nations Joint Program 2006-2010, the education package includes one week intensive Purple Certificate Program to take place at Sabanci University campus in Istanbul and orientation and follow up visits to raise gender awareness in pilot provinces.


With the intensive efforts of Sabanci University academicians, the rich content of Purple Certificate Program that spans from the representation of womanhood and manhood in the media and school text-books to women’s movement, from adolescent mental health to violence and sexual harassment, has been developed. In addition to such educational modules, there will be workshops based on the Project proposals developed by high school teachers to be implemented in their own schools.


Purple Certificate Program Project Team


Sabanci University Academicians:

Alev Topuzoglu – Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Ayse Betul Celik – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Ayse Gul Altinay- Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Ayten Sonmez – Foundations Development Program

Deniz Tarba Ceylan – Foundations Development Program

Gulayse Kocak – Center for Individual and Academic Development

Huriye Arikan - Center for Individual and Academic Development

Hulya Adak- Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Isik Ozel – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Meral Guceri – School of Foreign Languages

Ruken Alp - Foundations Development Program

Sibel Irzik - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Zeynep Iskenderoglu Onel - School of Foreign Languages


Project Team:

Ayşe Yuksel Memis – Gender Forum

Olcay Vural – Gender Forum

Armanc Yildiz – Gender Forum





Orientation Meetings

Sabanci University academicians and Purple Certificate Program team will carry out pilot province orientation meetings. These will consist of gender awareness seminars to high school teachers who have a potential to be part of the Purple Certificate Program.


Purple Certificate Program

At least 40 high school teachers will receive a Purple Certificate after a condensed one week education program at Sabanci University campus. The content and modules of Purple Certificate Program will be updated each year. Some examples from the modules that will be updated according to the needs of provinces and high school teachers are as follows:

  • Gender and Women’s Movement
  • Gender and Media
  • Let’s Talk About Violence: Workshop on Violence, Sexual Violence and the Effect of Violence on Mental Health
  • Violence Against Women and Law
  • Workshop on Sexual Harassment
  • Gender and Taboo Roles
  • Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Gender
  • Literature and Gender
  • Adolescent Mental Health and Gender
  • Gender Workshop on School Text-books                                                             
  • Creative Writing
  • Gender and Psychology
  • Facilitation Workshops
  • First Wave of Republican Feminism: Nezihe Muhiddin, Women’s Party and Women’s Union
  • Purple Film Show and Talk
  • Best Practices on Gender Equality Education


Follow-up Visits

Sabanci University academicians and Purple Certificate Program team will guide the high school teachers who received Purple Certificate in carrying out gender related projects with the help of two follow-up visits.

Some of the projects carried out by Purple Certificate holder teachers in previous years are as follows:

  • Human’s rights and the establishment of “Democracy Club”
  • The promotion of the candidacy of female students in school unions
  • Informative events on gender for parents and students
  • Preparation of school text books in a gender responsive way
  • Skimming school text-books through a gender lens by high school teachers


In the long run it is expected that high school teachers with Purple Certificates will carry out gender related projects in their provinces.

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