Sabanci Foundation - Vista Scholarship
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In partnership with Sabanci Foundation, VISTA Tourism Company is launching a new scholarship program for students enrolled in departments of Tourism and Travel Services or Tourism and Hotel Management at two year Vocational Schools in Turkish Universities.


Eligibility Criteria and Summary of Guidelines are as follows:


The main eligibility criteria is the student’s diploma point from high-school which must be 65 or above.


Applications can only be accepted for universities which have quotas for the Sabanci Foundation-Vista scholarship program.


Students wishing to apply for a scholarship are required to file their application at the Student Affairs/Scholarship Office of their respective university by the deadline designated by the university itself. Unless a different deadline is specified by the Student Affairs/Scholarship Office, the applications should be filed at the latest by October, 14.


Sabanci Foundation will not accept any applications directly. For more information please click here.

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