Sabanci Teachers Center - Aydin
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Sabanci Teachers Center - Aydin Sabanci Teachers Center - Aydin Sabanci Teachers Center - Aydin Sabanci Teachers Center - Aydin

The building, which was previously used as a branch office of Akbank, was used as Sabanci Dormitory for Girls for some time when the branch office was closed.


When the college, located in Germencik District was moved to the provincial center of Aydin and with the decrease in the demand for the dormitory, the building was turned into a teacher center after the maintenance and repair work was done by Sabanci Foundation.


The usage rights of Sabanci Teachers Center, commissioned on 17 July 2001, have been assigned to Ministry of National Education for a period of 49 years.


The teacher center, comprised of 4 floors, has been established on a closed area of 532 square meters and has a capacity of 18 beds. The teacher center has an archive room, storage, kitchen, and a multipurpose room and a reading room to provide for the social and cultural needs of the teachers.


Concern and importance given to Sabanci Teachers Center, which is located in the city center, increases since it is the only place that provides accommodation in the city.




Contact Information

Address :  Camiikebir Mahallesi Lozan Caddesi No: 20 Germencik-Aydin
Tel :  (256) 563 19 25
Manager :  Ozkan Topcu


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