Sabanci Teachers Center - Istanbul
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Sabanci Teachers Center - Istanbul Sabanci Teachers Center - Istanbul Sabanci Teachers Center - Istanbul Sabanci Teachers Center - Istanbul Sabanci Teachers Center - Istanbul

The building, which previously was Anadoluhisarı Private Primary School, was transformed into the Sabanci Teachers Center in 1988 with the contributions of Sabanci Foundation. The school, built on a total of 5200 square meters with an interior of 1700 square meters, is managed under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education.


Sabanci Teachers Center has the required features to enable teachers to organize trainings, seminars, meetings and develop the social and cultural aspects in their lives. It also serves as a place where the students and people nearby can benefit from social purposes. Symposiums and workshops are organized for the teachers at the Center.


Sabanci Teachers Center, which is one of many facilities provided by Sabanci Foundation for teachers, is located among historical monuments and it captures many beauties of the Bosphorus.


Sabanci Teachers Center has a capacity of 930 people and consists of 5 different restaurant areas, one of which is located outdoors and a capacity of 1,530, cafeteria with a capacity of 400 people, a dining hall, recreation hall, bedrooms, hair dresser, administrative offices and a large garden by the sea.




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Address :  Kucuksu Caddesi No:10 Anadolu Hisarı Beykoz-Istanbul
Tel :  (216) 332 36 34
Fax : (216) 308 24 11
Manager :  Ayse Erol
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