Sadika Sabanci
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Born in 1910, Mrs. Sadika Sabanci married Mr. Haci Omer Sabanci in 1928, and eventually gave birth to six boys. Having provided very valuable and significant contribution to the progress and rise of Sabanci family on their way to the current position, Mrs. Sadika Sabanci raised her children in a family atmosphere where “sharing what was earned” was the noblest virtue.


With their indispensable investments in various fields, the Sabanci family was adding much to the economic development of Turkey. At the same time, they were actively involved in charity work and yearning to bring social and cultural institutions to life. Charitable donations given by Mr. Haci Omer Sabanci and his wife on every possible occasion, in particular, on religious festivals such as Ramadan, coupled with the investment of personal wealth in various social endowments, resulted in the establishment of the Sabanci Foundation, a family tradition. After she lost her husband in 1966, Mrs. Sadika Sabanci devoted herself more whole-heartedly to philanthropic activities.


In 1974, the Sabanci sons established the Haci Omer Sabanci Foundation (Sabanci Foundation) in order to institutionalize their philanthropic activities.  They received the greatest support from their mother, Mrs. Sadika Sabanci, who donated the whole of her personal wealth to the Foundation. There is no doubt that this generous and unconditional support played a major role in that Sabanci Foundation was able to attain the successful position it holds today. Mrs. Sadika Sabanci was proclaimed as the Mother of Year in Turkey in 1975 thanks to her outstanding contributions.


Mrs. Sadika Sabanci passed away on January 1, 1988.

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