SosyalBen Association (Season 07 - Episode 06)
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The first Changemaker of 2016: SosyalBen Association


SosyalBen Association became the sixth Changemaker of the 7th season of the Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program.


SosyalBen is a social responsibility association that helps children aged 7 to 13 and living in disadvantageous areas discover and improve their own social skills. Founded in 2013 by Ece Ciftci, the association, established by 350 volunteers from various universities, has reached 10 thousand students in 30 different cities focusing on areas such as art, music, theater, dance and creative drama. SosyalBen Association undertakes not only national efforts but also international activities. The volunteers have trained children at the secondary school age in 10 different countries including Nepal and Mongolia.


SosyalBen Association has emerged from a high school student’s realization of the importance of her social competences. The Association gave various trainings to thousands of students in a dozen different cities to help them become happy, confident and social individuals. It made a huge difference in the worlds of these children.  

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