State Museum of Painting and Sculpture - Ankara
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State Museum of Painting and Sculpture - Ankara State Museum of Painting and Sculpture - Ankara State Museum of Painting and Sculpture - Ankara State Museum of Painting and Sculpture - Ankara

The building, which was initially built as the Turkish Associations Center in 1930, has been used by various official institutions over the years. The building, which is a glorious example of the Turkish architecture, was transformed into Ankara Public Training Center and Night Art School in 1972 by the Ministry of National Education, and was later assigned to the Ministry of Culture, in 1975 to be used as the Museum of Painting and Sculpture. The building was put into service in 1976 after the museum collections were established by the Ministry of Culture.


In 1985, with the contributions of Sabanci Foundation, the restoration of the building was commenced in compliance with the building's original structure. After its lodges and decorations were restored in their original shape and manner of 1930, its stage was made available for use again. In the hall, which was reopened towards the end of 1985, art activities are being carried throughout the week. With such service, Ankara Museum of Painting and Sculpture has undertaken the functions of a cultural center as well.


Ankara Museum of Painting and Sculpture, has been organized as a directorate under the central organization of the Ministry of Culture Directorate General of Fine Arts. There are six galleries and three fine arts galleries (Koruturk, Arif Hikmet Koyunoglu, and Sedat Simavi) where permanent exhibitions are displayed, as well as three workshops (painting, sculpture, ceramics), one restoration shop, six display halls, fine arts specialty library, orient salon, administration area, cafeteria, and storage rooms.

Since the museum building has been designed as a cultural center, it has a 500-seat assembly hall, decorated with Turkish motifs, which has excellent acoustics. Ankara State Opera and Ballet offers operetta performances in this hall three days a week. On other days, concerts organized by the Ministry of Culture and private art groups; movies and folk dance shows are available. Other daytime activities include meetings, discussion panels and conferences for cultural purposes.


The main function of the museum is to protect the art works in the collections and to allow the visitors to view these works. Efficient promotion is encouraged by having selected art works from the collections being exhibited in the country and abroad from time to time. In the three fine arts galleries, approximately 60 national and international exhibitions are displayed during an art season. The classes in the museum workshops is another activity carried out in the museum. Talented people of every age and profession participate in these classes.


The museum, especially its restoration workshop, provides service to the government institutions and private galleries. Master and doctorate students in the painting, sculpture, and ceramic fields are steady visitors of the museum. The museum has also undertaken the task to furnish the government institutions and our representative offices abroad with art works.



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