Tara Hopkins Special Episode
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Garbage Ladies Go Global


On 6 July 2012, Sabancı Foundation’s Changemakers program hosts Tara Hopkins.

Tara Hopkins, who was actively implementing the “Garbage Lady” to empower women to participate in economic life recently began exporting these profitable, creative and sustainable bags which are produced from recycled materials.

The project, which officially started in August 2008, began with approximately 60 women working in Ayvalık (Balıkesir), İstanbul and Diyarbakır earning money per bag. Since then, nearly 600 women have been included in the project and 7500 profitable bags were made from recycled materials. Tons of packaging waste, flour sack and waste paper were recycled within the project.

These bags were sold in many cities, especially in Istanbul. Tara Hopkins has now expanded the business and will sell the bags in Greece, the Netherlands and the United States.

Each “Garbage Lady” bag not only provides regular income for the women producing it but also encourages its buyers to think about recycling.

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