The Hope Foundation to Children with Cancer (Season 07 - Episode 12)
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A Hope to Children with Cancer


The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer became the twelfth Changemaker of the 7th season of the Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program.


According to World Health Organization’s data, every year 200.000 children are diagnosed with cancer; the number reaches to 300.000 when the relapses and continued treatments are added. In Turkey, there is not any official statistics on children with cancer. Although exact numbers are unknown, it is estimated that nearly 3000 children get the disease each year. Under these circumstances, a foundation works for enabling the continual treatment for the children in a suitable environment.


Founded in 2000, The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KACUV) develops many different projects for children diagnosed with cancer. Two of these projects are “Child Explorers in the Virtual World” and “Game is My Medicine”. With these projects, the organization aims to prevent children to disconnect from the outer world and them to be able to live their childhood during the course of disease. Among these projects, perhaps the most important one is the “Family Home”. The Family Home put into service by KACUV for the use of families whose kids fight cancer. Built completely by donations, KACUV Family Home meets the needs such as maintenance, food and shelter of underprivileged families coming out of town.  Until this day, more than 300 families have benefited from KACUV Family Home.


The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer became the hope of children diagnosed with cancer. It provided them the necessary support for sustainable treatment. It tried to enable children to live their childhood and not to be excluded from daily life. It has made a memorable difference both in the lives of children and families who struggle with cancer.

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