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International Adana Theater Festival
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Date : April 14 - May 16 2014
Place : Haci Omer Sabanci Cultural Center (Adana) / Sabanci University Performing Arts Center (Istanbul)
Adana turns into a Theatre Stage for the 16th time!

The State Theatres Sabanci International Adana Theatre Festival, organized in cooperation with the Sabanci Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is preparing to open stage for the spectators on Monday April 14th.


The opening ceremony of the festival will be held in Adana HiltonSA with the participation of many eligible guests including Mr. Ömer Çelik, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Avni Coş, Governor of Adana, Ms. Güler Sabancı, Chairman of the Sabanci Foundation Board of Trustees, Mr. Hüsnü Paçacıoğlu, Vice President, Ms. Zerrin Koyunsağan, General Manager and Mr. Mustafa Kurt, General Art Director of State Theatres.


The festival, each year opened with spectacular performances on the Seyhan river and Stone Bridge, will host the French show theatre Ilotopie this year. The group, which will be performing for the first time in Turkey, will turn the Seyhan river into a place of festivity with their show “Aquatic Parade”. Parades and marches with themes of dream and amusement park; colourful characters like mythological figures, knights, jesters, wizards, ghosts and clowns will offer the spectators a fabulous night.


Local and International groups will produce a breeze of culture and art in Adana

Adana Theatre Festival, which continues for a month, is the longest running theatre festival in Turkey. This year the festival will host 16 local and 5 international theatre groups. 21 different plays will be performed throughout the festival.


Other than France, this year the festival will have theatre groups from Spain, Iran, Azerbaijan and Romania as well. Yllana Theatre from Spain will perform “Muu”, Passe-Partout Theatre from Romania will perform “Two of Us”, Inruzha Theatre from Iran will perform “Drought and Lie” and State Drama Theatre of Azerbaijan will perform “The Adventures of Lankaran Khan’s Vizier”.


City Theatres, State Theatres and private theatres from Turkey will participate in the Adana Theatre Festival with many plays. The plays will be performed at Hacı Ömer Sabanci Cultural Center in Adana and at Sabanci University Centre of Performing Arts in Istanbul.


The festival will host the Stone Bridge Events between May 10 to 16. The music, dance and performance shows on Stone Bridge, Adana’s symbol, will offer the townsmen of Adana a full-fledged festivity.

Workshops on different subjects, from dance to music and from art to stage photography, will be organized during the festival.


Sakıp Sabancı Lifetime Achievement Award for master actors

‘Sakıp Sabanci Lifetime Achievement Award’ has been offered at the opening ceremony of the festical since 2005 to pay homage to masters who have played a profound role in the development of the art of drama.

The masters who have been given the Sakıp Sabanci Lifetime Achievement Award until now are: Cüneyt Gökçer (2005), Macide Tanır (2006), Bozkurt Kuruç (2007), Yıldız Kenter (2008), Genco Erkal (2009), Müşfik Kenter (2010), Gülriz Sururi (2011), Haldun Dormen (2012) ve Rutkay Aziz (2013). The master actor who will be receiving the award in the 16th anniversary will be announced at this year’s festival opening.


The festival has more than 80 thousand spectators each year

In 15 years, the Adana Theatre festival has hosted 74 international theatre groups from 38 different countries and more than 5.000 local and international artists. 271 plays and 573 performances including those from private theatres and State Theatres in Turkey have been staged. The festival attracts art lovers not only in Adana but in many different places in Turkey. The festival has more than 80 thousand spectators each year. 

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