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Mardin Cultural Association: Theatre for All Mardin Cultural Association: Theatre for All Mardin Cultural Association: Theatre for All Mardin Cultural Association: Theatre for All Mardin Cultural Association: Theatre for All Mardin Cultural Association: Theatre for All

Project Summary

Grantee: Mardin Cultural Association

Purpose: Social participation of youth using theatre

Location: Mardin

Grant Amount: 63,496 TL

Project Partner: Bogazici Performance Arts Community

Period: 1 October 2015 – 31 May 2016



Although Mardin is a multilingual and multicultural city, there are limited social and cultural opportunities for youth. There is a need for culture and art events that will attract young people for social participation.


Project Goals

  • In Mardin:
    • Youth theatre plays will be performed to young people living in Artuklu, Midyat, Kiziltepe districts.
    • After the performances, the audience and the performers will discuss the themes, writer and sense of the play.
    • 3 workshops will be organized with interested young people and social concepts will be discussed.


Project Results

  • 1,880 students in Artuklu, Midyat, Kiziltepe districts of Mardin watched theater and following the performance, they discussed authors' lives and their plays.
  • Among these students, 41 of them attended workshops; gained self-confidence and discussed social and cultural concepts through theater.
  • In the workshops, concepts such as social peace, social diversity and gender equality were discussed.
  • A documentary explaining the model addressing social concepts through theater and the details of the project has been made.



"I have watched theater for the first time since middle school. I had fun while playing, now I do everything more naturally. Even when they criticize me, I can say ‘Friends, this is who I am’. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for this pleasure."

Project Beneficiary - Student


"We come here with the power of art on our backs and with the language of peace, but others come with the language of war. Those, who are bothered by war, were proud and honored to be in this peaceful environment. This was almost like a treatment both for us and the students."



I have told the students that a theater group will come and perform here. First, children were very prejudiced. ‘What is the point of theater? We need to prepare for the university entrance exam” they said. After the workshops, the nonparticipants regretted it and wanted to participate. They got used to theater after this experience.”

Project Beneficiary - Teacher


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