Tics and Tourette Syndrome Volunteers of Turkey (Season 08 - Episode 03)
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A Support Mechanism for Families, A Common Platform for Sharing Experiences


Tics and Tourette Syndrome Volunteers of Turkey became the third Changemaker of the 8th season of the Sabanci Foundation Turkey’s Changemakers Program.


Tourette Syndrome is a common neuropsychiatric disorder, which is mostly unknown by the society. Syndrome is characterized by multiple motor tics such as eye blinking, shouting, and causes several restraints in individuals’ academic, social and professional lives. Despite ongoing research, the number of people with Tourette Syndrome in Turkey and in the world is yet unclear. A group of young people formed a platform in order to raise awareness on Tourette Syndrome: Tics and Tourette Syndrome Volunteers of Turkey. The platform, mainly formed of medicine faculty students, works on raising the awareness of the society on the syndrome, and forming a common platform where people with Tourette Syndrome can share their experiences. In addition, the platform constitutes a support mechanism for the families of people with Tourette Syndrome, while informing the society through seminars and conferences. Besides all this, the platform makes use of media channels to reach a larger mass in order to inform them about the effects of the syndrome.


Until now, Tics and Tourette Syndrome Volunteers of Turkey touched the livesof 30 people with Tourette syndrome, and the lives of their families. The platform worked for raising awareness on the syndrome and creating support mechanisms for families. Tics and Tourette Syndrome Volunteers of Turkey created a huge difference in the lives of those with Tourette syndrome and their families.

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