Sarikamis Provincial Education Directorate: Today’s Student, Tomorrow’s Mother
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Project Summary

Grantee: Sarikamis Provincial Education Directorate

Province: Kars

Grant Amount: 25.200 TL  

Partner(s): Directorate Sarikamis District Representative, Sarikamis Municipality, Sarikamis Provincial Education Directorate

Duration: 1 September 2009 – 1 May 2010


Target Audience

200 girls that have not continued primary school and are living in Kars /Sarikamis or nearby villages, 100 families/parents of school aged children who are in their last year of primary school

Project Summary

This project aims to address the issue of girls not being allowed to complete schooling. 100 female students attending their last year of primary school in Kars and their families will be given support for students’ transition into secondary school. Introductory and informative seminars and similar communication activities will be conducted with families and residents.

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