Union of Egitim-Bir-Sen: Training Overcomes Violence
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Project Summary

Grantee: Union of Egitim-Bir-Sen

Purpose: Prevention of Violence Against Women

Province: Kahramanmaras

Grant Amount: 34.920 TL

Partner(s): None

Duration: 1 October 2013 – 31 May 2014



According to “The Report on Files on Domestic Violence between 2008 and 2011”, domestic violence rate in Kahramanmaras is 0,7 %. However, given the conservative and discreet social set up in Kahramanmaras, it is believed that this number is actually bigger than that is reflected in official figures. According to the accounts in local media, 2 women lost their lives in 2012 due to domestic violence and 2 women were rescued by police officers from the homes they were prisoned by their husbands. According to the Provincial Directorate of Security, 60 women were provided public shelter in 2012. Given these figures, it is apparent that violence against women is rising in Kahramanmaras.


Project Goals

- The target group of the project is 930 teachers.

- 30 pioneer teachers will receive training on violence against women and domestic communication strategies.

- Teachers who received training will visit the Ministry of Family and Social Policy in Ankara to observe gender work undertaken.

- Pioneer teachers will reach 900 teachers in total in their local and raise their consciousness.

- A panel will be organized to investigate what can be done legally by women who faced domestic violence and brochures on this matter will be distributed.

- The project will also target male teachers who will take part in an article contest on this matter.

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