Student Competition on Women Friendly Urban Space Model
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Application term starts on:  April 21, 2009

Application term ends on: October 5, 2009


A single-level urban design competition is held among students nationwide within the scope of the UN Joint Program with a view to enhance social and professional awareness and set a model for local governments, facilitate women’s participation in social life, and create public spaces that are sensitive to the differentiated needs of urban dwellers.


It is expected that urban spaces address the needs, problems, expectations and priorities of various individuals/groups. The goal of the competition is the generation of exemplary public spaces that will meet women’s specific needs and expectations, facilitate their lives, and enable them to participate effectively in urban life. The competition will offer a platform for undergraduate students studying architecture, urban and regional planning, landscape architecture and urban design to exhibit and discuss creative ideas. The competition also aims at improving women’s daily lives in the public spaces including streets, neighborhoods, surroundings, and city centers, and contributing to the transformation of norms and standards in the planning and design processes of such spaces in our country.



Undergraduate students from Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design departments of universities in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus may apply individually or as a group.



Applications start on

April 21st,  2009  

Applications end on

October 5th, Monday, 17:00 hrs.

Announcement of results

October 12th, 2009

Award Ceremony or Exhibition

October- November 2009


Permanent Jury

1. Sinasi AYDEMIR, Prof. (Black Sea Technical University)

2. Serap KAYASU, Ass. Prof. (Middle East Technical University)

3. Tulay ARTAN, Ass. Prof. (Sabancı University)

4. Deniz ALTAY BAYKAN, Dr., Lecturer (Bilkent University)

5. Zeynep YILMAZ, Research Ass.( Black Sea Technical University)


Alternate Jury

Saliha E. AYDEMIR, Prof.  (Black Sea Technical University)



First prize: 2500 TL

Second prize: 2000 TL

Third prize: 1500 TL

Honorable mention: 750 TL x 3


In the competition where three honorary mentions shall be awarded, all contestants shall be entitled to a certificate of participation. In addition to the award recipient projects, other projects designated by the jury shall be exhibited and/or published in a book.

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