National Down Syndrome Association: Welcome Baby
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Project Summary

Grantee: National Down Syndrome Association

Purpose: Supporting families who have children with Down syndrome

Location: Izmir

Grant Amount: 169,895 TL

Project Partner: Izmir Provincial Health Directorate, Izmir Local Health Authority

Period: 15 July 2014 – 1 July 2015



In Turkey, 1 in every 700 babies is born with Down syndrome. Due to uninformed health personnel, the families suffer from emotional traumas. There are also problems and delays with getting the disability report which results in late monitoring of children with Down syndrome. On the other hand, uninformed families delay early intervention.  


Project Goals

  • In Izmir:
    • In order to relieve the traumatic effects, a team composed of a volunteer family, psychologist and doctor will inform the family when a child is diagnosed with Down syndrome.
    • Families having children with Down syndrome will participate in informative and support meetings with other families.
    • Related ministries will be visited as part of the lobbying activities.


Project Results

  • In Izmir:
    • In cooperation with the project partners, 617 individuals with Down syndrome, 35 of which are new-born, were reached.
    • 7 experience sharing meetings were held with the families who have children with Down syndrome; more than 250-hour psychological assistance were provided to 60 children and their families.
    • With the support of the Provincial Health and Public Health Directorate of Izmir, more than 60 medical centers were visited in 25 districts of Izmir; around 250 health professionals were informed about Down syndrome.
    • In order to share the results of the project and ask for the support of the government, a seminar was organized with the participation of 150 people.





"When doctors told me that my baby would have Down syndrome, I was so upset as it was something I had not ever expected. I didn’t understand the concept itself and how to take care of a child with Down syndrome. The project helped me get in touch with the appropriate psychological and physical therapy assistance, and we had an opportunity to speak with families who had gone through similar experiences. To the people who created or worked in the ‘Welcome Baby’ project, we thank you very much for all your assistance. These people lighted our paths and helped us in every way."

Project Beneficiary


"Everybody has the right to live and be treated humanely. I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for our children to be accepted by society."

Project Beneficiary


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