Kayseri Association of Physically Handicapped People: Well-read, Working and Productive Disabled Women
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Project Summary

Grantee: Kayseri Association of Physically Handicapped People

Purpose: Disabled Women’s Participation to Economic Life

Province: Kayseri

Grant Amount: 35.000 TL

Partner(s): Turkish Women’s Union, Kayseri Branch

Project Duration: 1 September 2014 – 28 February 2015



As of 2002, the share of disabled people in the general population was 12.2 %, while the share of disabled women was 13.4 % and share of disabled men 11 %.  The labor force participation of the two sexes differ. While the labor force participation of disabled men is 32.2 % and unemployment rate of disabled men is 14.1 %, the labor force participation of disabled women is 6.7 % and unemployment rate of disabled women is 21.5 %. This discrepancy shows disabled women have a harder time to join employment market than disabled men.


Project Goals

- 20 disabled women will receive education on textile production.

- 200 disabled women and their families will receive seminaries on disabled women’s rights, prevention of violence against women and legal arrangements for battered women.

- A survey among 300 working disabled women will be carried out on “Disabled Women in the Labor Market”

- Awareness raising among employees via dissemination of survey results

- 1000 brochures, 100 posters and 4 roll-ups for project publicity

- Publication of 1000 project results booklet

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