Association for the Support of Civilized Living, Aydin Branch: Woman and Men Hand in Hand, With Love not With Violence
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Project Summary

Grantee: Association for the Support of Civilized Living, Aydin Branch

Purpose: Prevention of Violence Against Women

Province: Aydin

Grant Amount: 35.000 TL

Partner(s): Aydin Chamber of Doctors

Project Duration: 1 September 2014 – 30 June 2015



According to a survey carried out in Aydin in 2009, the prevalence of physical violence committed by husbands against their wives is 33.4 %. The mean marriage age of wives beaten by their husbands is quite low. 17.4 % of women in the survey stated that husbands have the right to beat their wives in at least one of the situations such as if the wife overcooked the food, neglected the children, talked back to her husband, spent money frivolously and/or rejected sexual intercourse. 16.1 % of women think important decisions relating to the family should be taken by the husband, 12.3 % think men are cleverer than women on average, 22 % think women should not argue with their husbands even if they disagree. These survey results point out that prevention of violence against women necessitates a mentality change both among women and men.


Project Goals

In Ovaeymir – a district of Aydin where the first marriage age is quite low:

           - There will be 15 household gatherings targeting 79 women

           - Coffee house gatherings targeting 93 men

           - 1000 brochures will be distributed in bazaars in 3 neighborhoods

   which will involve awareness raising on gender equality and prevention of violence against women

- A pre-post test will be executed among the targeted men and women in order to measure an awareness raising of at least 10%

- 50 posters will be hung up in coffee houses, schools, wedding centres, pharmacies and grocery stores

- A poster will be hung up in weddings taking place in three neighborhoods and 300 purple ribbons will be distributed in those weddings


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