Women's Association of Nevsehir: Women’s Education for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
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Project Summary

Grantee: Women's Association of Nevsehir

Province: Nevsehir

Grant Amount: 15.150 TL  

Partner(s): Association of Nevsehir Village Authorities, Nevsehir Local Health Department, Nevsehir University, Sema and Vefa Kucuk Health College

Duration: 1 October 2008 – 15 June 2009


Target Audience

30 women to be selected from different districts of Nevsehir for the training program and 600 Women who reside in Nevsehir

Project Summary

The objective of the project is to train 30 women above the age of 20 who live in Nevsehir. These women will be trained to be trainers by using an interactive training technique on early diagnosis methods of breast cancer. The project also aims to make sure that these methods as well as the cancer control and training center (KTEM) in Nevsehir are utilized by more women. While one of the main goals is to increase awareness on breast cancer so that early intervention is possible, the ultimate goal is to increase the health of women, and empower them with information about other health related subjects such as planned parenthood, gynecological diseases and their rights (laws and gender discrimination).

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