Turkish Association of Mothers, Kayseri Branch: Yemliha is Getting Prepared for the Future
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Project Summary

Grantee: Turkish Association of Mothers, Kayseri Branch

Purpose: Women’s Participation to Economic Life

Province: Kayseri

Grant Amount: 33.270 TL

Partner(s): Erciyes University Faculty of Communication, Kocasinan Directorate of Public Education Centre

Project Duration: 15 September 2014 – 15 April 2015



Yemliha is a town of 5200 people which relies on irrigated agriculture, 40 km from Kayseri city centre. Turkish Association of Mothers gave seminaries and carried out mapping studies in the town which attest that early marriages are prevalent and girls are taken out of schools before they complete their compulsory education. The town is also famous for its Yamula aubergine. The cultivation of Yamula aubergine is exclusively carried out by women. Peasant women state that they have not been exposed to right agricultural techniques on irrigation, soil sampling and such. They lack information on how to best produce this precious vegetable.


Project Goals

- Training programs for 50 women on:

   -Women’s and girl child’s human rights, gender equality

   - Sales, marketing and cooperatives

   - Organic farming, aubergine and vegetable seedling

- Posters on child marriages to be hung up on the walls of schools, public buildings, Quran courses etc…

- Distribution of brochures on agricultural techniques to be distributed to 500 peasant women

- The establishment of Yemliha Women’s Cultural Centre

- Helping women and girls of Yemliha reach the right information on gender, agricultural techniques through the purchase of computers, library, magazines and DVD collection for Yemliha Women’s Cultural Centre

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