Young Voice of Ercis (Season 03 - Episode 14)
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Van and Ercis through the Eyes of the Youth


The latest episode of “Turkey’s Changemakers” features the “Young Voice of Ercis” newspaper and online blog, which reports on life in the city of Van following the devastating earthquake in October 2011 through the eyes of young local journalists.


The Agenda Child Association, anAnkara-based child rights NGO, implemented the “Young Voice of Ercis” project in order to encourage children affected by the earthquake to express themselves. As part of the program,children between the ages of 12 and 18 from Ercis share their perspective on life as journalists. They publish a weekly newspaper entitled the “Young Voice of Ercis”, share their articles and videos on a blog and through various social media sites.


They capture life in Van with a video camera provided them by the Association, and express the voice of Ercis through interviews they conduct. They are also planning to continue their work as journalists by transforming the truck that was donated to them into a Children’s Media Centre.


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