Association of Research and Improvement of Social Subjects: Young Women and Employment World
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Project Summary

Grantee: Association of Research and Improvement of Social Subjects

Purpose: Young Women’s Participation to Economic Life

Province: Kocaeli

Grant Amount: 35.000 TL

Partner(s): Kocaeli Women's Assembly

Project Duration: 1 September 2014 – 31 May 2015



In the last years, especially in some departments in Turkish universities, the number of male and female students are becoming more equal. For instance, while in 2009 the proportion of female to male students was 25-30 % in Industrial Engineering Department of Kocaeli University, in 2014 this rate reached 60 %. While in 2001, male unemployment among university graduates was 7 %, female unemployment among university graduates was 10 %. According to TUİK, in 2012 these figures reached 23 % and 33,7 % respectively. This shows that while the number of female university graduates is on the rise, so is their unemployment. Young women cannot enter the labor market to the degree that they complete tertiary education. This is one of the most important problem areas with respect to the employment of young women in Turkey.


Project Goals

- Preparation of 30 young women to the labor market

- Research on “The Perceptions of Employees on Women’s Labor Force Participation” to be conducted among 30 companies in 5 sectors to be specified

- Research to be conducted with 30 young female students in 5 different occupational degrees at university level on “Young Women’s Awareness on Labor Market Opportunities”

- Empowerment of these 30 young women by way of conducting 3 workshops

- 2000 “Manuals for Young Women on Labor Market Opportunities” to be distributed in universities

- Dissemination activities at Kocaeli University to reach 1600 students on the subject


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