Assist Me to Succeed in the Class

Project Summary
Grantee : Foundation for Supporting Individuals with Autism
Purpose : Preparing educational assistants/shadow teachers training program to support education of children with autism or pervasive developmental disorder
Location : Balıkesir
Grant Amount : 163.327 TL
Project Partner : Balıkesir University Vocational School
Period : 16 July 2018 - 12 July 2019
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2018


Being with peers with no disability in inclusive preschool institutions helps children with autism or pervasive developmental disorder improve their behaviors. However, educational assistants/shadow teachers are necessary to inform teachers on inclusive education and to support students with disabilities in classrooms.

Project Goals

  • A training program on educational assistants will be prepared by Anadolu University Special Education Department.
  • 30 students from Balıkesir University Vocational School will be selected and trained for 40 hours on inclusive education and educational assistant program.
  • Vocational school students will complete their internship period as educational assistants in some preschool institutions.
  • The education program educational assistants will be shared with all interested parties.

Project Results

  • A support staff training program consisting of 9 modules was created and published as ‘Walk Together to Success in Inclusion: Educational Assistant Training handbook’.
  • A 40-hour long (7 day) theoretical training program was held with the participation of the students of Balıkesir Vocational High School Child Care and Youth Services Department. 25 university students informed in order to be educational assistant.
  • Trained university students applied 3-months long internship in 12 kindergartens. Every student paired up with one mainstreaming student.
  • A seminar on ‘Behavioural Management in Children’ with the participation of 15 administrators and educators from inclusive kindergartens in Balıkesir.
  • Walk for awareness was held in Balıkesir on 2 April, World Autism Awareness Day.
  • Eighteen educational assistants participated in ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder International Collaboration Congress’ which was held by Anadolu University.


“I am happy and proud that I have supported an individual with special educational needs in his development in many aspects without isolating him from his peers, and that I have helped him do something on his own independently.” Gökhan Çakır - Student of Department of Child Care and Youth Services, Educational Assistant

“I have absolute confidence in the project that it will increase awareness of autism and enable students with autism succeed. In this project, I have found the courage to do, or have it done, what I am told not to do. I have tasted the happiness of accomplishment along with students with autism.” Necla Karaağaç - Student of Department of Child Care and Youth Services, Educational Assistant

“Being a part of the project was an opportunity to get to know students with autism. This project was very beneficial for us to learn how to communicate with children with autism, how to approach them and how to be useful.” Tuba Yücel - Student of Department of Child Care and Youth Services, Educational Assistant


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