Rights-Based Struggle of Women with Disabilities Phase 3

Project Summary
Grantee : Association of Women with Disabilities
Purpose : Informingwomen with disabilities about their rights so that they can take an active role in solving their problems
Location : Canakkale, Icel
Grant Amount : 159.999 TL
Project Partner : Adana Women’s Solidarity Center
Period : 14 July 2014 – 13 July 2015
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2014


Women with disabilities are disadvantaged for both having disabilities and being woman. They are not sufficiently aware of their rights as women and persons with disabilities and therefore not organized enough to fight discrimination.

Project Goals

  • In Canakkale and Icel women with disabilities will learn about their rights and cooperation on discrimination.
  • A report on “Violence against Women with Disabilities” will be prepared.
  • A guide will be published on gender inequality, rights of persons with disabilities and discrimination.
  • A short booklet will be prepared on frequently asked questions on disability.

Project Results

  • In Canakkale and Icel 40 women with disabilities attended workshops about their rights. Women who participated in the training organized events in their local towns to raise awareness.
  • A short booklet was prepared on frequently asked questions on disability.
  • A guide was published on gender inequality, rights of persons with disabilities and discrimination.
  • A report on violence against women with disabilities was prepared for the first time in Turkey.


"This association taught me my rights and that I needed to raise my voice to face these challenges in my life... Later you see the strength within yourself and you realize you don’t need to be stuck at home and that you can join the society. We are everywhere, it’s just that they don’t see us, that they don’t notice us."

Project Beneficiary

"ENGKAD’s studies to date have showed that women with disabilities have limited access to information. They got used to what would be termed as abuse and accepted it as a part of normal life; for example, if they had to give up their money, they believed that it was because they were obligated to pay towards the family’s living expenses."

Chairperson of ENGKAD


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