Being A Woman In Yüksekova

Project Summary
Grantee : Association of Supporting Women and Culture in Yüksekova
Purpose : Increasing recognition of the association, strengthening members in terms of gender issues and developing strategies directed to target group's needs.
Location : Hakkâri
Grant Amount : 124.917 TL
Project Partner : KAMER Foundation Bitlis Agency, Yüksekova District Governorship
Period : 8 July 2019 - 7 July 2020
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2019


Women are exposed to violence and discrimination in Turkey and all around the world due to gender inequality. On the other hand, there is a significant women movement against this inequality both in Turkey and in the world. In this regard, due to ongoing conflicts in Hakkâri, Yüksekova the province became one of the most disadvantaged places in Turkey in terms of economic and social life. Women NGOs are almost absent and reaching trustworthy data about the situation of women in the province is impossible. For this reason, it is needed to support a women organisation in the province and conduct a field work on identifying women's needs.

Project Goals

  • Gender equality trainings will be held for the members and volunteers of the association.
  • Women's profiles, needs and situations will be identified by 500 household visits in Yüksekova.
  • A report will be prepared in light of the household visits and the results will be shared with public.
  • Public institutions will be visited to disseminate the results of the report.
  • A roadmap directing the Association’s future work will be determined.

Project Results

  • Awareness workshops focusing on gender roles, violence and discrimination and strategies for struggling against inequalities were held for Association team.
  • Home visits were organised in Yüksekova to detect the problems and needs of the women. A home visit report was prepared after 607 face-to-face interviews with women.
  • Following the publication of the report, public institutions were visited, and the findings were shared with relevant partners. By this way, cooperation was enhanced.


"I do not think women make home, but Yüksekova will be transformed by women." A Woman Attending an Awareness Study

"Everyone told their stories for three days, and then I realised that I am not the only one who has problems. After the awareness study, I understood that divorce is not a shame. This is my life and I will direct it. Now, I am very strong, and I can communicate with my children better." A Woman Attending an Awareness Study


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