I am Independent Because I Work 2

Project Summary
Grantee : Down Syndrome Association
Purpose : Employing youth with mental disabilities, primarily with Down syndrome
Location : Ankara, Eskisehir, Istanbul
Grant Amount : 137.000 TL
Project Partner : Anadolu University Special Education Department
Period : 15 July 2016 – 14 July 2017
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2016


Almost 80% of persons with disabilities cannot participate in workforce (OZIDA). This rate is much higher for persons with mental disabilities. It is necessary to find innovative models for the employment of persons with mental disabilities.

Project Results

    • The pilot version of the job coaching training program developed by the Anadolu University to support the employment of persons with mental disabilities was carried out. 9 people completed the theoretical part of the program to become job coaches.
    • 8 young persons with Down syndrome started working with the support of these job coaches.
    • An animation film was prepared to introduce and publicize the job coaching model.
    • Meetings were organized to introduce the job coaching model to the representatives of private sector, academia and public institutions in Ankara, Eskişehir and İstanbul.
    • A booklet was prepared to introduce all the data and expertise gathered during the project.
    • Down Syndrome Association created a road map to introduce and disseminate the job coaching program.


    “Those who start working undergo a tremendous change. Their pose changes as early as at the end of first week of work. They hold their heads up higher and come to work happier. Most of them tell their parents that they want to live alone.” Project Coordinator

    “Since İzzet Can started working, his relationships with people have improved a lot. His different conversations with his colleagues have made a great difference.” Mother of an Individual with Down Syndrome


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