Let’s Remove Social Barriers

Project Summary
Grantee : Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association
Purpose : Changing the negative perception of society and media towards young people who were raised under public protection
Location : Ankara, Istanbul
Grant Amount : 104.956 TL
Project Partner : Association of Social Workers, Habitat Centre for Development and Governance,Koruncuk Foundation,Association for Fostering and Adoption
Period : 2 September 2013 – 30 April 2014
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2013


Research has shown that young people who were raised under public protection are perceived showing more problematic behaviors than their peers. This mainly stems from the fact that these young people are labeled by the society and media.

Project Goals

  • In Ankara and Istanbul:
    • Examples of labeling will be determined after media screening.
    • A report will be published with reference to these examples.
    • The report will be shared with representatives from traditional media, public institutions and NGOs.
    • A social media campaign will be launched on to create awareness within the society.

Project Results

  • 1,012 news was screened in 2,955 different media outlets. Labeling was detected in 87% of news that has been screened.
  • Meetings were organized with 44 different media representatives on labelling in the media.
  • To promote a label-free language in reporting youth raised under government care, a correct terminology manual was prepared.
  • As part of the awareness campaign a bicycle tour is organized in Ankara with participation of 150 people and further social media work was conducted.
  • An analysis report has been published with reference to the media screening results and shared with 4,135 media representatives. The report was also shared with public officials and civil society representatives in a meeting.
  • "Workshop on the Transition from Public Protection to Society” was organized. 4 public institutions, 10 academics and 20 NGOs working in the field participated. The outcomes of the workshop created the basis for future work on youth raised under government care.


"As a social worker and someone who touched the lives of children under government care I have lived with the concept of labeling for years. I’ve found the chance to reconstruct some of the concepts and review the meaning of being under government care during this project. I’ve updated what I know and added what I learned on my professional experience."

Project Coordinator

"This project made me realize that the details you just skip or see unimportant can in fact impact many people’s life deeply. I had no idea that (most of) the parents of those children are still alive. I did not know that they are quite successful in school life. Now I know, and this shook me up. I realized that some words should not be said or used without thinking whom it might affect."

Project Beneficiary


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