Empowering Young Women in Rural Areas

Project Summary
Grantee : Mother Child Education Foundation
Purpose : Empowering young women in rural areas
Location : Adana, Icel
Grant Amount : 152.306 TL
Project Partner : Adana Women’s Solidarity Center; Education Department of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock
Period : 14 July 2014 – 13 July 2015
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2014


Women living in rural areas are among the most disadvantaged groups in terms of education and labor force participation. Early marriages and domestic violence are more common in rural areas compared to urban places. Women are not aware of their rights and therefore cannot use them.

Project Goals

  • In Adana and Icel:
    • 1,350 women will participate in a training program called “Up Hill and Down Dale Women Support Program” and learn about issues such as health, women's rights, child care and communication.
    • A new module about women's rights will be prepared and implemented by local NGOs.
    • Visits will be organized between local public institutions/NGOs and women who attended the education program in order to establish a network.

Project Results

  • In Adana and Icel:
    • 1,192 women participated the training program called Up Hill and Down Dale Women Support Program.
    • After the trainings women visited local administrators and delivered their demands for their villages.
    • 37 NGO members were trained to become trainers and implemented the Up Hill and Down Dale Women Support Program in villages.
    • A new module about women's rights was prepared and implemented by local NGOs to 1,255 women.
    • 23 NGOs received trainings on issues they demanded to raise their institutional capacity.
    • 400 men attended awareness raising meetings in villages.


"When I heard about ACEV’s program, I felt very happy. Because previously, civil society used to focus its activities on women living in urban areas only. We had been working with them all the time. It often felt like telling them what they already knew. So when I first heard about the Up Hill and Down Dale Program, I said “Wait, where are these hills and dales?” Yes we have been neglecting the rural for so long. I'm really impressed to be a trainer in the countryside."


"In terms of child discipline, what we had learnt from previous generations and our own upbringing was to discipline them harshly so that they would obey our rules. But after this course, we learnt that we should discipline our children by making eye contact, talking, practicing and standing behind what we said."

Project Beneficiary


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