Multidimensional Women's Empowerment Project

Project Summary
Grantee : Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV)
Purpose : Ensuring that women, girls, and women with disabilities who have been deprived of their right to education access this right; empowering them to learn what their rights are and facilitating their participation in urban and social life
Location : Adana, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Nevsehir, Van
Grant Amount : 1140.000 TL
Project Partner :
Period : June 2009 - October 2011
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2008

Project Goals

  • Reach out to 11.000 women via 550 literacy courses
  • Train trainers through 12 sessions reaching out to 260 volunteers
  • Educate 11.260 women on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Hold 25 Community Awareness Meetings to reach 1.000 public and NGO officers
  • Organize 29 Seminars to reach 1.440 elementary school children
  • Organize trips to village headmen with 7.000 women

Project Results

  • 579 courses reached a total of 10.650 women, including the literacy training and training on the rights of persons with disabilities
  • 498 volunteers participated in 17 sessions of trainer training
  • 11.148 women received training on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • 35 Community Awareness Meetings reached a total of 1.755 public and NGO officers, creating awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities
  • 38 Seminars reached 3.242 elementary school children
  • 4.530 course attendees visited village headmen
  • The project produced various publications:
    • Reading and Math Pamphlet
    • Trainer and Instruction Book on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    • Using Public Services: Guide for Persons with Disabilities
    • ACEV (Mother Child Education Foundation) Volunteer Profile Report
    • ACEV (Mother Child Education Foundation) Participant Profile Report


’“Last December I participated in a 3-day event titled “disabled visits”.  It would not even cross my mind to apply to such an event prior to the project. Had ACEV not included the rights of persons with disabilities on its agenda through this project, I don’t think I would be invited to the event either, because I was the only NGO representative there, other than the staff from the associations working directly in the field of disabilities. Throughout three days we visited several associations working in the field of disability. I saw that those associations try to cope with various problems. I learned that they are striving to pass and effectuate new laws on disability. I listened to persons with orthopedic disabilities and visual impairment in person and learned about the obstacles they are faced within the society.”

Volunteer Trainer 

’’I learned how to stand up for my rights. We visited the village headman; I learned how to obtain a residence certificate there. Now I can follow up on my rights all by myself.” Course attendee

"I am proud of my spouse because she learned to read and write. She knows how to read the electric bill now and can understand how much power has been used. She can calculate how much or little is spent in a month. Social life has also become more convenient for both of us. Before, she could not enter the date on a letter, now she can even write the name of the addressee. I had to take care of all the work, now she can do it too. We share it now; at least she helps me. Of course I am happy and relieved due to the contribution of my spouse.” Spouse of course attendee


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