Weave Your Future with Silk

Project Summary
Grantee : Odemis Women’s Cooperative
Purpose : Empowering women entrepreneurship in Odemis by revitalizing sericulture
Location : Izmir
Grant Amount : 108.844 TL
Project Partner : Odemis Municipality, Birgi Municipality
Period : 8 July 2013 – 31 May 2014
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2013


Although Odemis has long been the center of sericulture, the traditional sericulture activities are on the verge of extinction. The economic participation of women is limited in the region where the main source of income is agriculture. Therefore, it is important to transfer the experience and knowledge of masters and encourage women entrepreneurship.

Project Goals

  • In Izmir, Odemis:
    • 90 women over 18 years old will participate in spinning, painting and weaving workshops.
    • During and after these trainings, women will produce items such as point lace, sheet, handkerchief etc.
    • 20 women will participate in product development workshops.
    • 10 women from the core team of the cooperative will participate in business administration trainings.
    • Marketing and promotional activities will be conducted.

Project Results

  • Odemis Training and Weaving Center was established.
  • 26 women participated in silk spinning painting and weaving workshops.
  • Trainings on entrepreneurship, business management and cooperative run were held with the participation of 22, 17 and 30 women respectively.
  • Trainings on social gender inequality and violence against women were held with the participation of 37 women.
  • The silk products produced during the workshops were put up for sale at Odemis Yildiz City Archives and Museum and on the internet.


"I was doing similar stuff at home. I always had a creative side. But I became visible with the project. Now, people appreciate me. I work harder and earn much more money. I met a lot of new people. People outside of Odemis also know me and appreciate my work."

Project Beneficiary

"For the first time in my life I felt that I am women, I am human and I am important. I became a significant support person for my teacher when we started weaving silk. Being useful, producing something and earning money have made me someone totally different. I started to believe in myself."

Project Beneficiary


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