Participatory and Safe Youth Activism

Project Summary
Grantee : Roots and Shoots Turkey Association
Purpose : Enabling activist children with an interest in climate and ecology to protect themselves based on their rights and ensuring their active participation in social processes, as well as equipping the adults working with the activist children to better manage the children’s rights-oriented approach
Location : İzmir
Grant Amount : 290.441 TL
Project Partner : İstanbul Bilgi University Child Studies Unit (ÇOÇA)
Period : August 15, 2022 – July 15, 2023
Status : Starting
Project Year : 2022


Children and the youth, among the most affected by the climate change, have increasingly raised their voice through activism around the world as well as in Turkey. However, experience indicates that young climate activists are vulnerable to numerous risks including peer/adult bullying, protection of privacy, commercial abuse, and tokenism. It is therefore important to strengthen young activists against negligence and abuse, and to inform the adults they work with on their responsibilities. Good examples of participating and safe youth activism are limited in the world, and almost non-existent in Turkey. The priority must be encouraging the social participation of young activists through rights advocacy and ensuring their psychological, mental and physical well-being. Awareness-raising activities among the adults should also be implemented in this aspect.


  • A national and international literature review to determine the necessary fundamental principles for the active participation of young activists in the social processes will be organized, followed by a workshop with the participation of young activists and experts.
  • A “Participatory and Safe Youth Activism Camp” will be organized with the participation of 15 young activists interested in climate and nature.
  • A peer training will be formulated, building on the suggestions of the youth in the camp.
  • As part of the peer training program, a training program will be organized with 20 young people.
  • The 20 youngsters in this training program will then organize peer training workshops with 150 other young people.
  • A guideline on working with young activists will be prepared for the adults.
  • Five workshops will be organized on child safety, child protection, children’s rights and child activism as part of the “Workshops on Principles of Working with Children and Youth Activists”.
  • These workshops will welcome at least 100 adults and 10 civil society organizations cooperating with the youth working or willing to work on climate and ecology.
  • Awareness campaigns will be run on social media to raise public awareness on the rights of child/youth activists.



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