Sister’s Lab

Project Summary
Grantee : Mardin Culture Association
Purpose : Empowering female students in Mardin through science and technology labs
Location : Mardin
Grant Amount : 99.838 TL
Project Partner : Kersnikova Institute
Period : 2 October 2017 - 28 September 2018
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2017


The rate of women who prefer professions relating to sciences is lower than men in Turkey. Moreover, in Mardin, there isn’t any opportunity for female students to get familiar with science and technology. There is a need for a platform for bringing together female students with science and technology in Mardin.

Project Goals

  • Science and technology labs will be organized for 3 days with 28 female students from various high schools in Mardin.
  • 10 high school students who will be selected among 28 students will participate in training of trainers for 4 days in İstanbul Makerhane.
  • Students attended training of trainers will organize science and technology labs for 32 secondary school female students in Mardin.
  • A conference will be organized in the project school with the participation of a female scientist who will be a role model to students.

Project Results

  • A 3-day science-technology workshop was conducted with 33 female students from high schools in 4 districts of Mardin.
  • 11 students chosen among the students who participated in the workshop, attended a 4-day training of trainers at Robert College in İstanbul including topics they could teach their sisters.
  • Students who received training of trainers conducted a science and technology workshop with 33 female middle school students in Mardin.
  • Videos and a booklet were prepared detailing the contents of the workshops conducted in İstanbul and Mardin.
  • NASA Astrophysics Committee Chair Professor Feryal Özel gave a speech entitled “New Horizons in Astronomy” with the attendance of 400 people in Mardin.


“I used to think women were not capable of doing such kind of work. It was like ‘do not touch that or you will get shocked; you will get injured if you do that.’ Yet, I have learned that I can do all of them if I want to do so.”

Workshop Participant

“After I met Ms. Feryal, I started asking myself ‘Should I engage with this profession in the future?’ I was still trying to answer my question when I met chirpy kids and conveyed to them what I had learned, as a teacher would have done, thanks to the project. Naturally, I broadened their horizon and made them muse with this transfer of information.”

Workshop Participant


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