Economic Integration and Employement of Visually Impaired People To Business

Project Summary
Grantee : Six Dots Foundation for the Blind
Purpose : Raising awareness among employers of blind people, about the psychology of disabilities and integration of persons with disabilities to the workplace environment
Location : Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, Gaziantep
Grant Amount : 115.505 TL
Project Partner : Turkish Psychological Association (TPA) Istanbul
Period : 1 June 2009 - 1 May 2010
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2009


The level of employment of persons with disabilities in general and specifically the blind is very low in Turkey in both the private and public sector. The prejudices of employers have as much impact on that factor as the level of education of persons with disabilities. According to the 2003 dated employment legislation, all the institutions that employ more than 50 people have to employ persons with disabilities with 3% ratio. As much as governments, both the private and the civil society organizations are responsible in order to increase level of economic participation of persons with disabilities. (Six Dots Foundation for the Blind, 2008)

Project Goals

  • Awareness among 200 potential/existing employers of blind people will be raised, about the psychology of disabilities and integration of persons with disabilities to the workplace environment.
  • 2 pilot trainingseminars will be conducted with call center employees and staff.
  • According to the results of pilot seminars 4 informative seminars in Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep and Istanbul will be organized with the participation of target group, public institutions and NGOs.
  • Information packages will be prepared and disseminated on Employment of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Alternative job opportunities and sectors will be determined for blind people.

Project Results

  • With the participation of 76 people, two pilot seminars on Barriers, Prejudices and Employment for the Blind took place.
  • 240 employers and visually impaired persons attended information seminars in 4 cities where 40 representatives from different companies shared their knowledge.
  • Pre and post test results of the seminars proved attitude change among participants.
  • A brochure summarizing the outcomes of the projects is published.
  • A TV spot film on how the blind are capable of successfully accomplishing any task they may take on was featured on national television during commercial breaks.


“Considering the contributions of persons with disabilities both the work itself and the office environment, I believe that people who hesitate to provide them with this opportunity have some “disabilities” in the way they think. I hope these seminars help them see things more clearly and raise their consciousness.”

Marketing Company, Manager

’“This seminar showed me the fact that persons with visual impairments can work at all kinds of offices and gave me the opportunity to get to know them more closely. There were even statistics which proved that their performances could be higher than other employees. I think it was a very useful seminar.”


“I realized that many things I thought I knew was incorrect. I learned that blind people do not have limitations. I am amazed by their motivations and am willing to support applications of persons with disabilities within our company.”

Communications Company, Staff


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