Social Gender Sensitivity of Gender-neutral Professional and Professional Chambers

Project Summary
Grantee : Anka Producing Women's Association
Purpose : Disseminating awareness of gender equality to all segments of society through training and advocacy activities for professional chambers
Location : Mersin
Grant Amount : 177.870 TL
Project Partner : Toroslar Municipality
Period : 26 July 2021 - 21 June 2022
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2021


The reflections of gender inequality appear in every segment of society, especially as a sexist language. These sexist languages and approaches used by many different professional groups such as shopkeepers, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, public transport drivers, who are intertwined with the society, play a role in the continuation and internalization of inequality. It will be possible to raise awareness of sexist language and approaches in a way that will reach all segments of society through focused work on occupational groups.


  • Customized training contents will be prepared according to the needs of 10 professional chambers, which are the target audience of the project, by visiting them.
  • Training application guide and information booklets will be prepared.
  • Two volunteer members from 10 chambers will attend the three-day training of trainers.
  • 20 people from 10 chambers will participate in one-day dissemination training.
  • Supportive activities will be carried out for professional chambers to develop policies on gender equality and to make the education content permanent.


“We’ve been perpetuating this discrimination without even realizing it. We found it out through this workshop. We now have to be very careful when we’re talking. Being a trainer comes with responsibilities. We now feel responsible for every step of our association members. We want to reach out to more colleagues to include them in this workshop. We want the Mersin Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Owners to be Turkey's most gender-egalitarian chamber." A Participant from the Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Owners


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