Suat Arı – Everyone in This Village Is Athlete

When Suat Arı was appointed as a physical education teacher in 2016 to a school in Denizli's Eziler village, with a population of 800, he realized that there had never been any sporting activity in the village before, and even that there was no area to do sports. By rolling up his sleeves he started a movement for change. In this village, which he reaches by traveling 80 km every day, he established the Güney Eziler Sports Club in 2020, whose members and athletes are all residents of the village, by introducing sports to his students and families with desire and determination, despite the financial challenges and the opposition of the families. 

Suat Arı, who introduced 120 students, 45 of whom were girls, to 14 different branches such as bocce, dart, softball, baseball, field hockey, cricket, rugby, flag football, and orienteering and made them become licensed athletes. He also supports the establishment of painting and music workshops in the village for students to make them become interested in art.

Athletes of Eziler village, representing Denizli in three different branches now, won the Turkey 2nd League Championship in field hockey. Also, in 2021, three athletes became qualified to go to the National Team Camp. Suat Arı regularly organizes family tournaments in the village, enabling not only students but also families to do sports. Suat Arı's dream is to organize Turkey's first Village Olympics by including the surrounding villages in his work.

Suat Arı, who changed the fate of a village with sports, opened a new page to his students who did not go out of the village before, and contributed to the development of their skills such as self-expression and discipline. With his work, he continues to make a difference in the lives of students and their families living in Eziler village.

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