Supporting Local Civil Society Organizations

Project Summary
Grantee : Woman Life Center Association
Purpose : Empowering local civil society organizations to reach funds
Location : Trabzon
Grant Amount : 106.000 TL
Project Partner : Black Sea Writers Union Association, Trabzon Governorship Local Equality Unit
Period : 15 July 2016 – 14 July 2017
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2016


Civil society organizations in Trabzon lack knowledge on fundraising, using funds and collaborating with public institutions and other NGOs. Especially the NGOs working in the area of women cannot realize their plans due to lack of funds and thus, they feel alone. There is a need to activate the public-NGO collaboration in the city and empower NGOs working in the area of women.

Project Results

  • A 3-day workshop was organized with participants from 11 NGOs working on women and the primary needs of the city were discussed.
  • 4 micro projects were supported within the grant program which were focused on fighting against child abuse, analyzing needs of refugee women in Trabzon and building dialogue between refugee and Turkish women.
  • As a result of the projects, 13 resolutions were chosen to be included in the local equality plans of Trabzon Governorship in 2019 and the Governor approved these plans.
  • A project book was prepared including the stories of micro projects and the experience of implementing a grant program on a local level.
  • The grant program experience of Sabancı Foundation was shared with a local NGO.


    “We saw that women’s NGOs in Trabzon could get together, be organized and grow stronger. 11 NGOs, all together implemented four micro-projects. This was a great achievement for Trabzon.” Project Beneficiary

    “A group of women’s NGOs had difficulties acting together for a long time, but with this project, we have been able to come together, discuss our problems, and make plans for new projects. We feel like we are more powerful now.” Project Beneficiary


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