Unimpeded Development Through Solidarity Of The Disabled

Project Summary
Grantee : Library of Turkey for Persons with Visually Disabilities Association (TURGOK)
Purpose : Training teenage prisoners to read books for visually impaired peers and support their rehabilitation through volunteerism and producing audio books for visually impaired children.
Location : Izmir/Bergama
Grant Amount : 90.000 TL
Project Partner : Bergama Children’s Detention Center
Period : 15 April 2011-15 April 2012
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2011


The number of child and teenage prisoners in Bergama Children’s Detention Center varies from 200-250. These young prisoners have been totally isolated form society and they have limited access to rehabilitation and support. On the other hand 34% of persons with visual impairments are illiterate and there is very limited number of books available for them.(TURGOK, 2011)

Project Goals

  • In Izmir Bergama Youth Detention Center:
    • 20 volunteer child and teenage prisoners between the ages of 12-18 will receive diction training and read 50 children’s books.
    • 1000 books will be duplicated and sent to the members of TURGOK Library members.
  • The model will be promoted within Ministry of Justice so that it can be applied in other Children detention centers.

Project Developments

  • 48 youth prisoners from Bergama Youth Detention Center volunteered to read books and join the project team.
  • 10 volunteers from Izmir State Theater got together with Youth Detention Center officials to design the diction training program.
  • 2 trainings per week were planned and completed in June 2011.
  • 23 young prisoners volunteered for diction training and 25 of them volunteered for technical support team.
  • 23 youth volunteers prepared a list of 50 books for their visually impaired peers and started to read the books.
  • Prisoners attended "Be the Leader of Your Life" Seminar


“Volunteering in this project helped me refresh my reading habits, contributed to my vocabulary and let me find my inner peace. Before that project I was feeling dysfunctional, now I feel exactly the opposite.”

Volunteer Teenage from Bergama Children’s Detention Center, Izmir

“Being a volunteer in this project enabled me to enjoy reading books. I am very happy that even from here; we can contribute to some people’s lives. Through the project we have read so many books that I don’t even remember the number. Following my release from the Detention Center I plan to go to TURGOK and keep volunteering for them.”

Volunteer Teenage from Bergama Children’s Detention Center, Izmir


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