United Teachers for Multigrade Classes

Project Summary
Grantee : Rural Schools Transformation Network
Purpose : Ensuring quality and child-centric education through creating a support network for multi-grade class teachers
Location : Şanlıurfa
Grant Amount : 97.162 TL
Project Partner : Harran District Governorship
Period : 9 October 2017 - 28 September 2018
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2017


Harran is a township in Şanlıurfa province where rural population as well as percentage of multi-grade classes are high compared to many other cities in Turkey. There is an absence of resource and solidarity mechanism for multigrade class teachers on class management. Creating a solidarity mechanism for teachers may contribute to children’s access to quality education.

Project Goals

  • 25 multi-grade class teachers, project coordinator and experts will meet in Harran for 7 times.
  • With the support of the experts, an action plan will be created for each school, and teachers will meet regularly to share their experiences on the application of the action plan.
  • Based on the needs of the teachers in the region, talks on education will be organized.
  • Digital and physical platforms will be created, where multi-grade class teachers, volunteers, and experts can support each other.
  • Resources and model practices on education in multi-grade classes will be created and disseminated.

Project Results

  • The project coordinator regularly visited 6 teachers from 5 rural schools each month. After the class observations, the project coordinator and the teacher discussed the needs and created action plans, and these plans were followed up with every month.
  • 7 teacher meetings were held with the participation of education experts once a month on issues related to the common needs of the 25 participant teachers. 
  • Teachers who participated in the project and were willing to support other rural school teachers in the new academic year, joined a mentoring training camp in summer.
  • Throughout the project, the sample applications from participant schools were shared on KODA’s web page to support other rural school teachers in Turkey.


“I am only staying here for an additional year because of KODA. Otherwise, I could have asked for my appointment and left. My love for kids has also influenced my decision. KODA made me get better. It helped me to get used to here and the school."

A Teacher and Project Participant

“KODA made me feel valuable, as a teacher – among other feelings. They changed my motivation, my understanding of life and kids... They showed both children and I were important. Thanks to KODA, I believe I have improved myself in lecturing."

A Teacher and Project Participant


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