Value to My City 2

Project Summary
Grantee : Four Seasons Lifelong Play and Learning Association
Purpose : Introducing a new perspective to urban governance where we increase young people’s awareness about the city to encourage their local participation and representation, and to strengthen their rights-based empowerment
Location : İzmir
Grant Amount : 299.715 TL
Project Partner : Çiğli Municipality, Urban Strategies and Local Practices Association
Period : August 23, 2022 – July 21, 2023
Status : Starting
Project Year : 2022


Although the young people make up a considerable segment of the Turkey’s population, we notice that young people do not actively participate in the decision-making mechanisms of local policies. Organizations and processes fail to include young people in the operation and the local governments struggle to set strategies concerning the younger generation. We need the participation of young people in urban governance to formulate an innovative, inclusive and needs-based urban policy.


  • Four-day rights-based training program will be organized on participation, representation, local governance and local project development with 25 young people between the ages of 18 and 30, residing in İzmir.
  • Then, 42 young people, including those participating in the training, will implement six project concepts on the right to the city, based on the findings of the report concluding the civic monitoring activities during the first year of the Value to My City project. Micro-support will be provided to project ideas which include areas such as access to education, youth, climate/ecology, and gender equality.
  • With a view to popularize the Right to the City School and the Civic Monitoring Model, which are designed to create an inclusive and needs-based urban policy with the participation of the youth and the local governments, workshops will be organized for youth organizations and local governments, who are willing to implement the model.
  • A set of indicators will be created to function as reference for the rights-based practice of youth programs by the local governments. “Youth Indicator Set for Local Governments” will be used to measure to the relation of young people with local governments in terms of participation, access to services and security.
  • Podcasts will be broadcasted by young people with the participation of expert guests on access to education and the city, youth and the city, climate/ecology and the city, disability and the city, and gender and the city.



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