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Project Summary
Grantee : Black Sea New Horizons Association
Purpose : In Vezirköprü and Alaçam districts of Samsun, teaching young girls under the risk of dropping out of school about different career paths, equipping them with information about their rights, and supporting equal opportunity to continue in quality education
Location : Samsun
Grant Amount : 286.339 TL
Project Partner : Samsun Branch of Junior Chamber International, Samsun Association of Neighborhood Heads, Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association
Period : July 18, 2022 – July 21, 2023
Status : Starting
Project Year : 2022


Child marriage is a multi-dimensional social issue that particularly impacts young girls in many places, including Samsun. One of the main drivers of this issue is the difficulties in continuing education for children.

In rural districts such as Vezirköprü, Asarcık, Ayvacık and Alaçam that are further from the Samsun city center, it becomes more difficult for children to benefit from education, healthcare and nutrition opportunities. Therefore, the overall education level in the region remains low and the young girls, who grew up in rural areas outside of the urban centers, are at higher risk of early marriages.

To this end, it is necessary to encourage young girls in middle and high school, who are at risk of quitting education, on different career paths, to equip them with educational and mentoring processes, and to implement protective measures such as introducing them to successful women role models.


  • Role model meetings will be organized where young girls who are at risk of dropping out in middle and high school between the ages 12 and 18 in Vezirköprü and Alaçam districts, the disadvantaged regions of Samsun, will be introduced to successful female role models to learn about different career paths.
  • The mentoring programs will bring female role models together with young girls for six weeks to provide the girls with an opportunity to discover their own interests and skills, to learn about gender equality and an opportunity for empowerment.
  • As part of the project, training programs will be offered to the young girls to raise awareness on gender equality in young girls to help them become self-reliant individuals who are equipped with basic life skills and competencies.
  • Training programs on children’s rights and gender equality in education will also be organized for the parents of young girls to help them adopt a supportive attitude in their daughters’ continued education.
  • All work will be uploaded on the digital platforms to reach wider audiences and to present an exemplary study in encouraging young girls in rural areas to pursue education.



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