I Saw I Heard I Know

Project Summary
Grantee : Youth Unity Association of Turkey
Purpose : Encouraging youth clubs in universities to integrate disability rights into their programs
Location : Ankara, Trabzon
Grant Amount : 111.000 TL
Project Partner : Cankaya Youth Association on Persons with Hearing Impairment, Persons with Hearing Impairment Association of Trabzon, Eastern Black Sea Development Association, AEGEE-Ankara, TANDEM Greece, 8 University Clubs
Period : 15 May 2011-15 February 2012
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2011


In Turkey people with disabilities face challenges on multiple fronts to participate in society. One of the reasons behind this pressing problem is related with the lack of communication between persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities. Without creating spaces for collaborative work between the two groups, attitudes towards people with disabilities would remain protective rather than empowering which would continue inequality in society. (Youth Unity Association of Turkey, 2010)

Project Goals

  • In Ankara and Trabzon;
    • 20 people with disabilities will be trained as trainers to work with university clubs.
    • The members of 8 university clubs will participate in trainings about “Rights of People with Disabilities’’ and “Project Management”.
    • University clubs will raise awareness about the rights of people with disabilities reaching out 500-1000 people and 20-35 more university clubs.
  • The project will advocate for ’’Accessible Universities’’ reaching out to decision-makers.

Project Results

  • The project website was launched and the Facebook group of the project attracted more than 200 members.
  • Training content was prepared for NGO members with disabilities and the youth clubs at universities. A trainer team of youth and people with disabilities was established.
  • 15 NGO members with disabilities attended mentorship trainings and learned to work with youth without disabilities in 8 university student clubs.
  • 18 university student club members attended training on the rights of people with disabilities and project management. They learned how to include people with disabilities working together with NGO members with disabilities in organizing events.
  • With the support of 15 NGO members with disabilities, 8 university student clubs organized events related to photography, theatre, dance, surveys. The events reached nearly 400 people and 23 new university student clubs.
  • The project activities, implementation process and outcomes were compiled in a book in order for other university student clubs to implement projects that include people with disabilities.


“I just realized that there is no such thing as disabled or not disabled. Prejudices in society, ramps in streets, stairs are all the great obstacles we face."

A Trained University Club Member

“This is what I came to realize in the trainings: Wow! Disability is actually the barriers we, as the so-called people without disabilities, have created in the lives of people with disabilities. So there is no reason to exclude them. I am glad that I am aware of this fact now.”

A Trained University Club Member

“Although we are a team of people with and without disabilities we have blended so well.”

A Trained NGO Member with Disability


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