Papuduk Kids Books

Papuduk Kids Books

Papuduk book series, prepared with the aim of raising generations that love and protect animals and nature, has been published!

The rabbit Papuduk, whom Sabancı Foundation Board of Trustees Member Serra Sabancı listened to in her grandmother's tales when she was a child, embarked on brand new adventures with the pen of Sabancı Foundation Changemaker Tolga Öztorun and creative drama instructor Lider Hepgenç and with the creative lines of Ece Zeber. The stories evaluated from the perspective of Prof. Dr. Feyza Çorapçı aim to reach all children in Turkey through Tekir Kitap.

In the books, prepared for children aged 7-9, a rabbit named Papuduk provides children with information about basic animal rights and ecology. The activities and questions in each book also give children the opportunity to reinforce what they have learned.

What books are there in Papuduk series?

Books with Animal Rights Theme

  • Papuduk and Fancy King
  • Papuduk living with joy in the forest realizes as it gets to know its surroundings that the other creatures are not as lucky as it. When Papuduk realizes that the Fancy King harms animals for the sake of looking beautiful, it does everything in its power to save its friends who are trapped in the castle.

  • Towards Blue with Papuduk
  • What can sea creatures be doing in the middle of a valley? Who can smile while passing through the fire circles? Papuduk, disappointed with the surprise trip it has been waiting excitedly for, asks its friends to bring the show dolphins Tom and Misha back to blue.

  • Papuduk and the Big Elephant
  • Papuduk is very afraid of Dudu, the huge elephant who suddenly comes across as joyfully strolling among the pine trees. But when Papuduk learns Dudu’s story, its fear turns into love. Papuduk was very surprised and upset that the zoo was not the beautiful place it thought it was. So, it begins to make plans to help Dudu.

  • Proper Shopping with Papuduk
  • Papuduk, who goes to the market alone for the first time, meets Latte, a rat sneaking in the aisles. Papuduk, who tries to get a complete shopping list prepared by his mother, learns how to stay away from products tested on animals thanks to Latte.

  • Papuduk and Shelter Residents
  • The old dog, afraid of the noise of fireworks, meets Papuduk. They go to the animal shelter together to put the old dog's fallen earring on. Thanks to this visit, Papuduk, with realization of the importance of animal shelters that help stray animals, thinks about how it can be useful for shelters.

Books with Nature Love and Environment Themes

  • Papuduk and the Magical Seedling
  • Papuduk sees a little seedling that was not there before while wandering around the garden of its home. It gets together with its friends to solve the mystery of this seedling. When they realize the magical plan that nature has prepared for the future generations, they feel both excitement and joy.

  • Summer Camp with Papuduk
  • What harm glass pieces do to forests? Why are sea creatures bothered by people collecting sea shells? Is it okay to make fire in a forest? Papuduk learns these and more in the summer camp, and it decides to put a happy ending to the story the firefly tells it.

  • Papuduk and the Discovery of the Seventh Continent
  • Papuduk does an investigation when it sees the landfills on the beach, and finds out about the Seventh Continent. With the knowledge it gathers in the waste center they visit with its mother, Papuduk gains a new perspective, and will start saving the world from the harms of waste from its house.

  • Papuduk and Waste Compost/the Trash Pickle/Trash Brine
  • There is an unbearable smell in the forest Papuduk lives. When our hero tracks this worsening smell, it encounters massive piles of trash. While the residents of the forest discuss how to solve this problem, Kokopelli comes along. Kokopelli tells them, by making “Trash Brine” which is “Bokashi Compost” they can get soil. Do you want to transform organic waste to get soil as well?

  • Papuduk and Renewable Energy
  • Papuduk reads on its favorite science magazine that a “science festival for young inventors” will be held. That’s it! This is the chance for Papuduk to invent the things it has always dreamed of. With what kind of an invention will Papuduk, full of excitement, attend to the festival? We learn the meaning and the importance of renewable energy with Papuduk.

How Can You Reach the Books?

Papuduk books have been distributed free to NGOs working with children and to public schools located in disadvantaged areas in Turkey.

The books are sold on bookstores and online book sales sites. You can buy books from the link below and gift books to children living in disadvantaged areas with the Hang Book method:

Click to purchase books (Turkish website)

Click to give away as a gift to children (Turkish website)

Accessible Books

Papuduk books are also prepared for children with visual disabilities. You can access the audio description versions free of charge from the links below. The vocalizations of the books were made by the actress Eda Ece, who is also an animal lover.

Papuduk and Fancy King (Accessible Version - Turkish)

Towards Blue with Papuduk (Accessible Version - Turkish)

Papuduk and the Big Elephant (Accessible Version - Turkish)

Proper Shopping with Papuduk (Accessible Version - Turkish)

Papuduk and Shelter Residents (Accessible Version - Turkish)

Papuduk and the Magical Seedling (Accessible Version - Turkish)

Summer Camp with Papuduk (Accessible Version - Turkish)

Papuduk and the Discovery of the Seventh Continent (Accessible Version - Turkish)

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