Reading Is Being On the Road

Nusrettin Biçer and Abdulkadir Korkmaz, who started working to pursue a dream in June 2019, decided to create a mobile library inspired by the story of Mustafa Güzelgöz, who was known as the “Librarian with Donkey", carrying books to the villages on the back of the donkey in the 1950s. Nusrettin and Abdulkadir are teachers who visit the villages of Şanlıurfa with the project 'Reading is Being on the Road' and come together with the children. 

They have transformed a second-hand van into a mobile library and they regularly visit eight villages in Suruç with the vehicle which they have equipped with various books. They bring children together not only with books, but also with activities such as puppets, science and art workshops and entertaining mind games that they have designed by themselves. Two weeks after visiting a village school, they revisit the same school to reinforce children's learning and contribute to their reading comprehension skills. The goal of Nusrettin and Abdulkadir, who have reached hundreds of children until now, is to visit all villages in Suruç.

Nusrettin Biçer and Abdulkadir Korkmaz reach out to children and continue to make a difference in their lives with the support of their colleagues. These two teachers, who started their journey for the right to quality education of every child, continue to reach to hundreds of children with the project ‘Reading is Being on the Road’.

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