I am the Voice of My Neighborhood

Project Summary
Grantee : Yuva Association
Purpose : Strengthening the dialogue between Syrian and Turkish people and creating a neighborhood culture
Location : İstanbul
Grant Amount : 499.992 TL
Project Partner : Human Resource Development Foundation, Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation
Period : 02 October 2017 - 02 October 2018
Status : Continues
Project Year : 2017


Research shows that Syrian people living all over Turkey have common problems such as shelter, health, nutrition, economic participation, access to education and social exclusion. In order to find solutions to these problems and support their harmonization process, it is necessary to work on protection, education, income generating and socialization activities. It is important to establish sustainable mechanisms to support harmony and solidarity between Turkish and Syrian communities.


  • Solidarity groups for Syrian and Turkish women and youth will be established in Yuva Ümraniye Children and Youth Center.
  • With the suggestions of these solidarity groups, activities will be organized for supporting the youth and children in the neighborhood.
  • Workshop sessions on skills, hobbies, health, violence and rights will be organized to make women regularly attend the center.
  • Tournaments, movie screenings, picnic and theater events will be organized to strengthen the dialogue between communities.
  • In order to provide solutions to common problems, a Solidarity Group for the neighborhood will be established with the participation of representatives of women and youth groups, local authorities, school councils and religious affairs.


“Before the workshop, the Syrians were prejudiced against the Turks and the Turks against the Syrians; in this workshop, however, I realized there were all kinds of different people among the Turks, just like the case among Syrians. There were both good and bad; I discovered they were not all the same.” A Female Syrian Participant

“They exist in our neighborhood; we are familiar with them, but we just say hi and that is all. It was different to get acquainted with them here. We could see through these people. And I think this was really important.” A Female Turkish Participant

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